Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dont day!

dont make permanent decision for temporary emotions
-----got from rumate. use ur brain in making decision.

dont trust MLM.u will only pay for the branding and marketing..not for the product's quality
------learn from experience. dont simply join anything. it will cost u more than u expected.

dont underestimate others
------seniority is sumthing but not everything. everybody make mistakes.

dont blame others for ur own mistake and decision u make!
------u have brain. its ur fault not to think before u act. u hv full responsibility of ur act. dah besar kan. dah mumayyiz pon. boleh beza baik buruk.

dont make simple things complicated.
------u still got so many other things to do. dont waste ur time on small2 matters.

dont get easily annoyed.
------accept ppl for wut they are. some ppl were made to be annoying. just let them be. relax. it wont cause any harm to u. except for some meluatness feeling development. just ignore oke.

dont curse and yell.
------its really bad! dont do! think bout the victim's feeling. after being yelled and cursed by u.

dont say negative things or negative 'dont'!!!

hahahaha :)